Apprenticeship Program 2023

Dates and Times:

March 19, April 16, May 21, June 18, July 16, Aug 13, Sept 17, Oct 22, Nov 19

All classes are on Sundays from 10am-4pm

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The Wildroot Botanicals Apprenticeship program is a 9-month course that meets once per month. This class can either be taken on its own or in conjunction with the Foundations of Herbalism Program.

This course is all hands-on and fosters a deep connection with the plants we will be working with. Our activities will shift with the seasons. 

In the spring we will be creating and maintaining garden beds, planting medicinal herb seeds, mulching and medicine making. 

In the summer we will be processing a lot of herbs from the garden and making many types of herbal preparations from them, such as making hydrosols, tinctures and working with drying techniques.  

In the fall we will be doing propagation work, planting fall seeds and cover crops, making fall medicines and putting the garden beds to rest.  

Students who take this class have a good hands on knowledge of plants and medicine making skills.

As we work with the land, the land also works on us. This is some of the best medicine that we as herbalists are able to receive. With our hands and senses engaging with the plants we gain direct wisdom from the land. As we do this as a group we also do community building work. To add intention to this work we begin each class with a simple fire ceremony. This practice roots us to the land, helps us to center individually and as a group. Each class ends with a simple gratitude practice that will help us remember what we learned throughout the day as individuals and as a group. Everyone has an opportunity to speak but no one is required to. It is about connecting to the group in a way that feels authentic and good to each individual.

The Apprenticeship Program is well suited to be taken with the Foundations of Herbal Program, which has more in depth theory of Western Herbalism, and it is also great taken on its own.

Instructor: The course is taught by Leslie Lekos, director of Wildroot Botanicals and there may also be guest teachers joining as well.

Location: Classes will be primarily held at Wildroot Botanicals in Bow, WA, 15 minutes south of Bellingham. There may be some days we will wildcraft in neighboring areas. 

Cost: $1200. Register here.

(1) Program price is $1200 – due before the start of class.

(2) Payment Plan – you have the option of a payment plan of $300 deposit, plus 4 payments of $250 (total of $1300)

(3) If you register for both the Foundations Program and Apprenticeship Program, you receive a $100 discount.

COVID-19 Safety – We ask that apprentices adhere to current state mandates for COVID-19 safety. If you have any symptoms, please refrain from attending class and consult your health care provider. Details are here.