Wild Foods: Resiliency through Connection 2023

Dates and Times:

March 19, April 16, May 21, June 18, July 16, Aug 13, Sept 17, Oct 22, Nov 19

All classes are on Sundays from 10am-4pm

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Nootka Rosehips

This class was created from seeing how much we are all in need of connection. Times have been tough for many of us through weathering through a pandemic and from keeping up with a world that expects a lot from us. Connection to nature, to community and to the land and its abundant gifts is one of the greatest supports during challenging times. We do not need to go though it alone and there is so much beauty and connection all around us.

For all of human history people have harvested plants from the wild together.  These times of gathering connect us with the land and the wisdom that comes from being able to commune with nature.  We develop relationships with the people we harvest with, community is strengthened and is a time to share stories and appreciate the abundance of gifts the Earth provides.

Over these nine months we will explore how harvesting food from our landscapes fosters a deep connection to where we live, the people we are in space with and with ourselves.  Each class will begin with a simple fire (or circle during the dryer months) to vision and explore a different aspect of nourishment, connection and health ranging from exploring our own ancestral foods to our relationship with rest.

Classes meet in different locations each month.  Harvests will range from wild greens in the spring, edible flowers and berries in summer, and mushrooms and roots in the fall. Participants will bring their harvests home for their own kitchens. There will be demonstrations of how to process our harvests into jams, pestos, broths, teas, honeys and other food preparations.  

Structure of class:

Opening fire/circle



Closing fire/circle

Salal Berries

This program is well suited to be taken with the Foundations of Herbal Program, which has more in depth theory of Western Herbalism which meets the Saturday prior to this class, and it is also great taken on its own.

Instructor: The course is led by Leslie Lekos, director of Wildroot Botanicals

Location: We will be meeting in the adjacent areas to Bellingham in a different wild area each month. An email will be sent prior to class with details.


Cost: $1200. Register here.

(1) Program price is $1200 – due before the start of class.

(2) Payment Plan – you have the option of a payment plan of $300 deposit, plus 4 payments of $250 (total of $1300)

(3) If you register for both the Foundations Program and Apprenticeship Program, you receive a $100 discount.

Morel mushroom