Herbal Apprenticeship

March-Mid November, Every Monday from 10am to 2:30pm.

Wildroot Botanicals offers an a unique Herbal Apprenticeship Program that is designed in the traditional style of experiential learning. Students learn by directly interacting with the land and the plants and by making medicine. Apprentices gain knowledge and experience in implementing permaculture systems over three seasons and will involved in all stages of processing medicines for the Wildroot Botanicals Apothecary.

Three different instructors will be leading: Permaculturists, Heather Tizai and Reisha Beck will each teach one Monday per month. On the remaining Mondays, Leslie Lekos will lead.

Permaculture Description

Participants will learn about how to prepare garden beds and cultivate healthy, organic soils through permaculture and biodynamic techniques.  Appropriate tillage and proper use of tools will be explored.  We will learn how to increase soil productivity by making and using nutrient dense compost, applying soil amendments when necessary, and spreading biodynamic preparations.  Mulching techniques and cover cropping will be implemented to reduce weed competition, retain soil moisture, and to quickly transform new growing areas into fertile ground.  Participants will also learn how to use effective companion planting, perennial food systems, and pollinator plantings to create restorative, ecologically diverse landscapes that produce high yields of food and medicine crops. 

Medicine Making Description

On medicine making days we will be harvesting, processing and bottling herbal medicines for the Wildroot Botanicals Apothecary.  Students will participate and witness the whole process of medicine making from harvest to getting it on the shelf for a variety of preparations including tinctures, teas, salves, lotions and hydrosols.

Apprenticeship prerequisites:

Preferential consideration is given to students who have completed our Intermediate Program – and individuals with some prior herbal training/experience, garden skills and an excellent work ethic.

Apprentices are expected to be reliably hard workers, punctual, tidy, and clear in their goal to expand their herbal knowledge. We also like participants to be willing to do tasks we need done, while trusting we will do our best to offer a well rounded wealth of information.

How to apply:

We are currently interviewing for the 2020 program. Please contact us for an application form. Thank you for your interest.

The apprenticeship fee is $1000 for the class which is about half of the other classes’ hourly rate because students will be doing work as they are learning.  A payment plan is available. We are looking for participants who are self led and committed. Space is limited so apply early. There is an interview process to select students who can commit to the whole session.

After you have been admitted into the program, use this link to submit the fee.

Apprenticeship Schedule – Each session is from 10am to 2:30pm