Growing and Wildcrafting Apprenticeship 2022

April 4 to October 17, 2022. This program is held Mondays from 10am-2:30pm, except on holidays.

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This apprenticeship program is hands-on and experiential and is taught entirely by doing. We will be growing and processing a wide array of medicinal plants for the Wildroot Botanicals Apothecary. Students will get to know the growing conditions, medicinal use and processing techniques in depth for a wide variety of plants.  

Classes will consist of wildcrafting expeditions as well as growing and processing in the garden at Wildroot Botanicals. Students will be learning how to make a variety of preparations including tinctures, teas, salves, lotions and hydrosols over the course of three seasons.

We will also learn and implement how to prepare garden beds and cultivate healthy, organic soils.  Appropriate tillage and proper use of tools will be explored.  We will learn how to increase soil productivity by making and using nutrient dense compost and applying soil amendments when necessary.  Mulching techniques and cover cropping will be implemented to reduce weed competition, retain soil moisture, and to quickly transform new growing areas into fertile ground.  Participants will learn about individual medicinal plant habitat requirements, propagation techniques like stem cuttings, layering, root division and specialised seed germinating techniques.

The beautiful forests we visit

We have a limited number of space available for this class and appreciate participants to be reliable, committed and clear in their goal to expand their herbal knowledge. We ask that students are open to doing tasks that need to be done, while trusting we will do our best to offer a well-rounded wealth of information.


The fee is $1000 for the class which is about half of the other classes’ hourly rate because participants will be doing work as they are learning.  A payment plan is available. We are looking for participants who are self-led and committed. Space is limited so register early.

For Payment and Registration click here.

Instructors The course is co-taught by Leslie Lekos, director of Wildroot Botanicals and a variety of other medicinal herb farmers. See bio page for more information.

Location Classes will be primarily held at Wildroot Botanicals in Bow, WA, 15 minutes south of Bellingham. There will be some days we will wildcraft in neighboring areas and visiting other locations.

COVID-19 Safety – We ask that apprentices adhere to current state mandates for COVID-19 safety. If you have any symptoms, please refrain from attending class and consult your health care provider. Details are here.