Clinical Skills Program

Western White Trillium, Trillium ovatum from WILDROOT BOTANICALS
forested areas.

One Saturday per month from May through October 2021, 9:30-4:30

May 22, June 19, July 31, August 21, October 2, and October 23

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Co-taught by Leslie Lekos, herbalist, and Janet Michel, acupuncturist, registered nurse and fertility specialist.

It is recommended that this program be taken in full but is also available per class. The course strives to help herbalists make the next steps in supporting people’s health issues with herbal medicine for those wishing to help their families, communities and beyond.

Students need to be currently enrolled or a graduate of our foundations herbal program or another program like it. Please feel free to call us if you would like to see if it is a good class for you.

Solomon’s seal, Polygonatum multiform, from WILDROOT BOTANICALS

The clinical program is a series of six courses. Each class date covers in depth information on a specific topic listed below.

Course Topics:

Class 1: Depression & Anxiety

Class 2: Sleep Disturbances & Exhaustion

Class 3: Menstrual Irregularities

Class 4: Backaches, Headaches & Body Aches

Class 5: Urinary Tract Infections and Vaginal Irritations

Class 6: Postpartum and Peri-Menopause

Classroom space prior to COVID-19

Class Schedule

9:30-12:30: Topic of the Month

-Discussion of the topic of that month (listed above)

-Differential Diagnosis (what other factors could be a cause, how to assess and rule out )

-Materia Medica (herbal medicines to aid in supporting the issue)

12:30-1:15: Lunch

1:15-2:45: Case Study. Janet and Leslie will discuss cases relating to the course topic to illustrate how to utilise herbs to support someone’s wellbeing. Throughout the duration of the six months students will be coached how to conduct consultations and invited to participate in working through case studies if desired.

2:45-4:30: Formulation. Instruction about making formulas and dosages. Formulas relating to the course topic will be made in class and students will go home with two formulas for their personal use to use throughout the month.

Cost: $650 for the six-month program or $125 per session

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Recommended Texts:

  • The Modern Herbal Dispensatory by Thomas Easley
  • Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman
  • The Earthwise Herbs (3 books: Old World, New World and Repertory) by Matthew Wood

Being Prepared for Weather
As of now we plan to hold classes outside here at Wildroot Botanicals due to COVID-19.  It is a mix of forested and open space here, so we will have options for being in the sun or shade. We have a covered open air space for teaching. Please bring whatever you need to make yourselves comfortable. Some suggestions would be clothing layers, something to sit on, sunblock and/or hat. Please also bring a mug or glass for tea and a lunch and water for the day. Seasonal teas are provided.

Yellow Pond Lily Flower, Nuphar lutea

Lodging for Out of Town Guests
If you are traveling from outside of the area and need to find a place to stay we are located between Bellingham and Mount Vernon, WA. Many of our students stay at Airbnb’s in the area.

About the School
Wildroot Botanicals is located 20 minutes south of Bellingham, WA.  The school is located on 5 acres of forested and medicinally cultivated land. We focus on bioregional herbalism, land stewardship and having a personal connection with the plants and the medicine made from them.  Wildroot is proud to host weekend courses and intensives from top-notch herbal teachers from around the country and abroad prior and post pandemic.

COVID-19 Safety
We ask that all students wear a face covering at every class and maintain a 6-foot distance between other students.  Each student is asked to bring their own hand sanitizer to each class. If you have any symptoms, please refrain from attending class and consult your health care provider. Details are here.