Herbal Medicines

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Our herbal medicines include hydrosols, essential oils, lotions, salves, teas, tinctures, and more. We make in small batches, creating with intention and deep respect for the land, using ethically wildcrafted and organically grown plants. Our products range from commonly known herbal medicines to uniquely formulated items.  

We are proud to present a new collection called Re-wilding Herbal Medicine Project that reflects some of our highest quality work. This collection consists of specialty herbal items that offer deep nourishment to the body, heart and spirit, as well as avenues to foster greater connection and appreciation of the land.

Hydrosols – Wildroot Botanicals has a line of hydrosols, also referred to as floral waters, that are profoundly beneficial for both the physical and spiritual body. We take pride in the quality and uniqueness of our medicinal hydrosols and essential oils. We offer a wide range of plant extractions, that includes rose, witch hazel, lavender, yarrow, and many others that you can browse on our Etsy page. All of our distillations are all true steam-distilled. Our small artisan family business values high quality over high profit. With proper storage in a cool, dark, dry place our hydrosols can stay fresh for multiple years without the need for any preservatives.

Available for purchase at Etsy.

Custom Orders – If you are looking for something that is not currently listed on Etsy, please inquire about custom orders. We work with many customers and healing practitioners who are seeking unique products or special orders.

Although herbs have been used for centuries, it is important to consult your health care provider before use of herbal therapies. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure. They have not been approved by the FDA.