Restorative Winter Resiliency Course

A six-week course of Herbal Therapies and Restorative Practices with Leslie Lekos

Mondays: January 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24

10am to 2:30pm

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Winter is the time of going inward and renewing our energies, as we take stock of our inner resources and nurture ourselves before emerging out into spring. These six weeks are an invitation for deep self-care and discovery for caretakers, people engaged in healing work, empaths, sensitive souls, and individuals who are seeking a place of nourishment, self care, renewal and rejuvenation.

This program offers an array of yoga, breath, herbal and dream work practices for participants to nourish themselves, and explore and align with their sense of purpose.

Course content includes:

  • Plant Medicine
  • Pranayama (breath work)
  • Restorative yoga practices
  • Dream work
  • Intention setting

Plant Medicine Topics include:

  • Nourishment through herbal medicines
  • Support for the physical and emotional heart
  • Herbs for stress reduction
  • Herbs for grounding and centering
  • Herbs for immune support
  • Finding personal plant allies for personal spiritual work
  • Herbs for supporting emotional and spiritual resiliency

Space is held for participants to find their own connection to healing. By nourishing ourselves, we are better able to align with our true selves in our work and find a deeper sense of healing, ease, and joy in our lives.

Classes are experiential and designed for hands on learning. Space is limited.

Course fee is $450.00