Feedback about Wildroot Botanicals from students and customers

  1. Testimonials from Past Students

“My time in Leslie’s Foundations of Herbalism class has been such a transformative experience for me. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world and perspective. Not only do you learn the very basics of herbalism, but in every class youre reminded of the deep-rooted connection we have to this Earth. I felt like I was being called home this year as I stepped into the world of herbalism with Leslie’s class. Leslie’s teaching style is patient, informative, respectful, personal. I feel like the foundation (haha) has been laid out well to where I feel confident in moving forward with my learning”. -Ariel, student in Foundations of Herbalism 2022 Program

“If you are looking for a deep connection to plants and self, this is a great course to explore the nuances between our natural world and how we not only relate to it, but how we can learn to thrive with our plant ally’s.  Leslie is a gifted instructor who shares her deep knowledge of plants while grounding us in ceremony and reverence for all those who walk this earth.” -Cate, student in Foundations of Herbalism 2022 Program

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for classes at Wildroot – I just knew that I wanted to do something to take charge of my and my family’s health. So, I looked for classes in herbal medicine. Something about Leslie’s approach called to me and I signed up for my first year, and then I signed up for a second year. I look at myself, and my place in the world much differently than I did before.

Leslie’s approach to the health and well-being of the whole person has permeated everything I do now. I have met some great friends and herbal medicine is a part of my everyday experience. Making teas, tinctures, salves, and other herbal medicines that provide for the health and well-being of my family give me tremendous joy. Taking classes at Wildroot has truly been life changing.”

–  Amy, student in Foundations of Herbalism 2018 and Intermediate Herbalism 2019.

“Leslie’s Foundations of Herbalism class provided a strong foundation (pun intended) for me in a tumultuous time, as I took the class during the pandemic!  What I appreciate most about the class is that Leslie emphasizes an understanding of our responsibilities, both as practitioners, as fellow human beings, and as part of nature.

From the very first day, we are challenged to reflect on how we can care for the plants as they care for us. For me, Foundations helped to replace feelings of alienation with a sense of belonging and commitment to the natural world of which I am a component.  As a teacher, and a mentor, really, Leslie goes above and beyond. She supports various community projects related to access to herbalism for marginalized groups. She demonstrates with her own work how herbalism can be practically applied as mutual aid.

Additionally, she is always willing to support students in their visions, pointing them towards resources or giving them advice when they are starting their own projects.  Classes are held in places Leslie has frequented for years, which foster a sense of intimacy among teacher, plants, and students. As someone who self-studied herbalism intermittently for years, and debated whether I should skip the “intro” class, I am so glad that I took it.

Leslie’s teaching is deliberate, intentional and intuitive. The knowledge that I gained from sharing space with her has enabled me to progress exponentially as an herbalist. I feel a connection to place, an understanding of what modern western herbalism can look like, and also a sense of the endless possibilities ahead.”

– Gabe S., Foundations of Herbalism Student in 2020

“Anytime Leslie is holding the space, the feeling is palpable. Body and mind are calmed, sensing the safety and an invitation to bring one’s whole self to class. She has impeccable intuition for when it’s time to draw boundaries, and when it’s time to dive into issues. 

There are few spaces, and few teachers like this. Even entering her classroom feels like ritual. There is a warmth and deep, genuine kindness that radiates her home, carried into the physical realm by the blended sweet, earthy smells of drying herbs all around you. And of course, no one makes a cup of nourishing tea like Leslie. ” 

-Emmy, Intermediate Herbalism Program Student in 2018

“Leslie is an amazing teacher. After 3 years of learning with her, I find myself coming back for more. I am now confidently preparing my own plant medicine as well as offering herbal support for friends and family. Most importantly, I have learned how to deeply care for myself, my community, and the Earth. I’m forever grateful to Leslie continuously sharing her wisdom.”

– Meghan, student in Foundations 2017, Intermediate Herbalism & Apprenticeship 2019 & 2020

Wildroot Botanicals was such an enlightening and informative program for herbal instruction. Leslie took me down a path – building on my previous herbal knowledge, equipping me for more practical clinical applications, and literally lightening my spirit, through the special times of healing that came from the shared connections and experience our group cultivated together.

I found synchronicity in the like-mindedness of treating the plants and the earth with love and respect- and our places as healers working what is around us was supported through her program. I am thankful for the opportunity of learning I had by choosing her Herbal Immersion Program (for 2 years), as well as the classes she offered with other amazing herbalists. The love I have in my heart for the people and what I learned I carry with me always.”

– Jenna W., student in 2017 and 2018.

2. Wildroot Botanicals has a five star store on Etsy. Below are just a few of the many reviews by her customers.

“The best. Filled not only with all the knowledge that comes from being an incredible herbalist, but also with deep care and love.”Cristine, Dec 2020

“10 STARS!! I absolutely love last month’s shipment and am looking forward to seeing what each month brings. The energy in your products is so fresh, pure, potent, and yummy! Thank you Leslie for so seamlessly bringing the magic of nature to the world!”Elizabeth P. January 2021.

“I can’t describe the joy this package has brought me this month. This first month’s collection was about replenishing. And as is so common, I didn’t release how depleted my body was after the events of this past few months until I began using this collection. The tincture alone brought an immediate sense of release, continued by the tea. The creme is just amazing. I am so grateful I signed up for this – what a gift to myself. I am use to giving to others. This is what I needed for me. Thank you so very much!” – Amy, Sept 2020

“Absolutely amazing… if you are a fan of hydrosols and frequently use them then you will understand the quality and purity of this fresh northwest specialty.” -Piehgina, Feb 2016

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