Re-wilding Herbal Medicine Project

It is everyone’s birthright to feel healthy, happy and supported. At Wildroot, we believe that interacting with the plants is a powerful way to create space for deep inner healing, through their medicinal attributes and also by their way of helping us remember what the Earth is offering us.

Wildroot Botanicals has been making medicines as a way to spread the voices and gifts of the plants. This time of less gathering has created a space for us to keep alive this knowledge and to be creative in our mission. To this end, we launched the Re-wilding Herbal Medicine Project, which is a series of monthly herbal packages.

Each monthly box has a unique theme and contains 5 herbal medicinal products that are crafted from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, the gardens at Wildroot Botanicals, and other local growers and collectors. This project is designed to nourish and aid wellness and to inspire a deeper connection with the land.

Limited supplies – the herbs used to make the items are unique, seasonal, and ethically harvested and are made in small batches. When you subscribe, you will be the first to receive a monthly package of surprise seasonal herbal formulas.

Pricing – our standard pricing is is $58 per month. However, if you enrol in a six-month subscription, we offer a discount of free shipping. During a six-month period you will receive 30 unique and handcrafted herbal products of the highest quality.

Click here to order your six month collection

You may also purchase a single month’s collection if any remain after all subscriptions have been fulfilled. See our Etsy shop here for details.