Rooted: a one day class

Join us for a day of exploring the many benefits of root medicines.  

October 29, 2022, 10am-4pm.

Cost $125. Register here

Medicinal and edible roots are excellent additions to our diet and herbal medicine regimes to ground us. They give us sustenance and help us in times of upheaval when we are feeling anxious and stressed. They teach us how to look within and look to the land for support.  As the fall approaches roots have a lot to offer for our immune systems, lungs, and overall nourishment and health.

In this class we explore many different types of roots that we can drink as delicious teas, take as tinctures and work with in smoke ceremonies. We will use our senses to explore all the gifts that roots offer and making several root preparations that each participant can bring home for their fall and winter herbal care regimes.  We will also do some intention setting utilizing the benefits of several roots.

Some of the roots we will be exploring are astragalus, elecampane, osha, false solomon’s seal, dandelion, burdock, fo-ti, don quai, and many others.

This class will be held at Wildroot Botanicals approximately 9 miles south of Bellingham, WA.