Teacher Bios

Leslie Lekos is the founder and director of Wildroot Botanicals. She has a deep love for plants, the natural world & supporting people to align with their innate inner knowing and connection to health. She believes herbal medicine is the peoples medicine and we all have a rite to know how to care for ourselves from the land we live upon. She strives to empower people in caring for themselves and their communities through herbal medicine in the ways that each individual finds their own personal healing. Leslie seeks sovereignty and respect for all people, plants and the animals.

Leslie is a distiller, avid hiker, mother, birth doula, certified Iyengar teacher and co-author of the book Yoga for Pregnancy.  She has studied extensively with respected herbalists from across the country.

Janet Michel RN, LAc, RH, AHG worked in healthcare as an RN for 15 years and after that had a private practice as an Herbalist/Acupuncturist for 15 years. Now retired and free to roam the planet, she continues to learn new things about healthy lifestyles, plant medicine, and adventures in ageing. Janet is a co-instructor in the Clinical Skills Program.