Classes + Workshops

Since 2009, we have offered a variety of herbal medicine courses and workshops.

We have been honored to work with many herbalists who seek to deepen their connection with the earth, plant medicine and themselves.

Check back here for new offerings.

Rooted – Oct. 29

Join us for a one day class of exploring the many benefits of root medicines.  We will be exploring different types of roots that we can drink as delicious teas, take as tinctures and work with in smoke ceremonies. We will be using our senses to explore all the gifts that roots offer and making several root preparations that each participant can bring home for their fall and winter herbal care regimes. More

Foundations of Herbalism 2023

This immersive nine-month program provides a foundation in bioregional and western herbalism. The focus is on experiential learning, spending time outside with the plants, combined with classroom-style learning. We believe that the best teachers are the plants themselves and we strive to guide the building of your relationship with them in a way that suits each student. We meet once per month on Saturdays. More

Apprenticeship Program 2023

This nine-month program is held monthly on Sundays. This course is rich with direct hands-on experience interacting with the plants and the land throughout the seasons. Soil preparation, planting, mulching, harvesting, medicine making, herbal preparations, drying techniques, tincturing and more are part of this program. This class can either be taken on its own or in conjunction with Foundations of Herbalism. More

Visiting Instructors

Wildroot Botanicals hosts many respected instructors from across the USA and abroad to share specialised skills and unique approaches to herbal medicine. Past instructors include 7Song, Matthew Wood, Thomas Easley, jim mcdonald, Dr. Tiffany Freeman, Sam Coffman, Rebecca Altman, Michael Pilarski, Angela and Yarrow Willard, Cathy Skipper, Dr. Florian Birkmayer, Sean Donahue, and others. Please check back for new offerings.

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