Classes + Workshops

Since 2009, Wildroot Botanicals has offered a variety of herbal medicine courses and workshops.

We have been honored to work with many herbalists who seek to deepen their connection with the earth, plant medicine and themselves.

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Foundations of Herbalism 2024

This immersive nine-month program provides a foundation in bioregional and western herbalism. The focus is on experiential learning, spending time outside with the plants, combined with classroom-style learning. We believe that the best teachers are the plants themselves and we strive to guide the building of your relationship with them in a way that suits each student. We meet once per month on Saturdays.

Wild Foods Connection 2024

For all of human history people have harvested plants from the wild together.  These times of gathering connect us with the land and all of the wisdom that comes from being able to read our landscapes.  It connects us with the people we harvest with, strengthens community and is a time to share stories and appreciate the abundance of the gifts the Earth provides. More

Seed to Medicine Program: Growing and Harvesting Medicinal Plants

This is an experiential hands-on class where learning is through creating with our own hands. We will generally meet in the gardens of Wildroot Botanicals one Saturday per month, with field excursions to other growing sites possible. We will be implementing systems and witnessing how the herb business grows and utilizes the plants. We will be working together through an entire growing season from growing seeds to processing the medicines. This class is appropriate for beginning growers or those looking to expand their knowledge and experience growing medicinal herbs.

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