Wildroot Botanicals

We are located in the traditional territories of the Coast Salish people, including the Stillaguamish and Nuwhaha, in the Chuckanut Mountains approximately nine miles south of Bellingham, WA, on five acres of forested and medicinally cultivated land.

We provide our community with herbal classes and workshops taught by local and top-notch herbalists from across the USA and abroad.

We also offer individual herbal consultations and produce a range of wildcrafted and carefully harvested herbal medicines including hydrosols, essential oils, teas, tinctures, syrups and more. 

Rewilding Collection is a monthly collection of herbal medicines primarily wildcrafted and grown by our own hands. This project centers around providing deep nourishment, mental wellness and as well as an avenue to find a deeper connection and appreciation of the land.  To learn more about our Rewilding Collection go here.

We focus on bioregional herbalism, land stewardship and fostering a personal connection with the plants and medicines made from them.  


Please contact us with any questions you may have. We would love to hear from you.

We are located in traditional territories of the Coast Salish people, including the Stillaguamish, and Nuwhaha, approximately 9 miles south of Bellingham, WA.

Tel:  360-724-7668

email: wildrootbotanicals (at) gmail.com